Car / Auto Restoration

HSA Service Center Inc. is widely known as Hagerstown’s truck and trailer repair center, sought after for its affordable repair solutions for commercial and industrial fleets as well as daily use vehicles. The leading go-to shop for all kinds of auto repairs, HSA is also a leader in auto restoration Chevy Chase, MD services, offering expertise in serving a wide range of vehicles.

The company’s state of the art auto restoration Potomac, MD facility is fully equipped for premier restorations of all kinds of classic and limited-edition cars, ranging from rusty muscle cars to unused and neglected sports cars. We specialize in bringing your beloved vehicle back to life and ready to hit the streets once more.

The HSA auto restoration Bethesda, MD center employs restoration mechanics who are skilled in the science and art of rebuilding and restoring a long list of vehicle makes and models, ranging from Boss and Shelby Mustangs to Camaros, Mopar Muscle Cars, Ford GT Sports Cars, and Lamborghini Murcielago. Take your prized classic to our service garage and let our restoration artists do the rest.

Our auto restoration Rockville, MD solutions include premier concourse frame-off restorations with the use of body media blasting and soda or sandblasting techniques, among many other cutting-edge methods. We are restoration specialists with the same passion for cars as every car enthusiast we serve. We understand your need and drive to return your car to its old glory and best possible condition.

Do you have an auto restoration Mount Airy, MD project you want to get started with? Our garage is always open to receive your car and aid you throughout your restoration project. Get a free no-obligation quote from us by calling today at 301 733 4507 or simply head to our service center hauling your car for restoration!