Media Blasting

Whether your truck fleet includes large vehicles and trailers or involves constant maintenance of heavy equipment, the skilled technicians of Maryland’s HSA Service Center are your media blasting professionals.

Media Blasting & Truck Frame Paint Service

Media blasting is a common term utilized in the truck and frame painting industry used to describe the technique of smoothing a rough surface by “blasting” the area with a rougher, more abrasive material. Our truck media blasting process is able to quickly, safely and affordably remove a variety of corrosion to your original paint and truck frame.

Sand and Soda Blasting

Sand blasting is a general term used to describe the process of removing paint, rust and oxidation from a truck frame.

Soda blasting is a less abrasive technique utilized to delicately remove paint and corrosion from a truck frame or truck body.

When your commercial or industrial truck requires involved removal of old paint or rust, you can rest assured our knowledgeable professionals understand the exact form of media blasting best suited for the job.  Our technicians are PPG Certified Refinishers; experienced in removing your truck’s paint and rust, leaving a high quality, durable finish to the body and frame of your truck!

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