Classic Car Restoration

Classic vintage cars have such a unique appeal that gets enthusiasts and collectors swooning. This is also why many are passionate about classic car restoration Chevy Chase, MD. More than being engineering marvels, vintage cars bring with them a piece of history that tells of the unique roles they once played back in the day. With vintage car prices soaring, dream cars are often out of reach of average collectors, which is why many resort to restoring vintage classics themselves. Classic car restoration, however takes a lot of work. A classic car project is still a major investment for which you must make wise choices, especially when it comes to the model and make of the car you wish to restore and the classic car restoration service center near Potomac, MD to assist you in your journey. You don’t want to spend valuable time and money on a classic car, only to abandon the project for a loss.

HSA Service Center is a classic car restoration Bethesda, MD specialist, offering a comprehensive range of services, including restoration and rebuilding programs for a variety of classic makes and models from the most popular vintage car brands, ranging from Lamborghini, Ford, and more. Our restoration artists specialize in the restoration of Boss and Shelby Mustangs, Camaros, Mopar Muscle Cars, Murcielagos, and Fort GT Sports Cars.

We have a state-of-the-art facility that can accommodate all your classic car restoration Rockville, MD requirements. Our garage is equipped with only the most cutting edge machinery and tools in the hands of expert specialists who know all about classic car restoration Mount Airy, MD.

Trust only HSA Service Center when it comes to your classic car restoration Frederick, MD investment. Our restoration specialists are passionate motor heads with the knowledge and heart for classic cars and vintage makes and models. Serving the tri-state in car restorations for nearly 70 years.